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US Citizenship Test Practice Software CD

The US Citizenship Test Practice Software is available on CD (For Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP). It is very simple to use: Just insert the CD into your computer and the software will start automatically. The CD runs well on both laptop and desktop computers.

We ship the CD to any country in the world. Your CD will be shipped within two business days via First Class/Airmail. If your mailing address is in U.S., most deliveries will arrive within just a few days. Since postal systems vary in regions and countries, we do ask that you allow 1-2 weeks for U.S. addresses, and 3-4 weeks for others.

Save 25% on Software CD before July 15, 2024. HURRY UP:

For a limited time, you can purchase the software CD for only US$15.99 plus shipping and handling fee. It is more than 25% off our regular price US$21.99 . The shipping and handling fee for the CD is US$7.50, so you pay a total of US$23.49. See below chart:

$15.99(25% discount of regular price US$21.99)
+$7.50(shipping and handling)

Place Your Order Now:

To order the sofware CD, click on the below button which will lead you to our on-line store. Please be assured that your on-line order is secure. Our credit card process is through eSellerate.net. Your order can be placed in US$ or other major currencies.

NOTE: Before you check out, make sure these TWO items are in your shopping cart and the total amount should be US$23.49. Otherwise, the CD will not be shipped to you.
  1. U.S. Citizenship Test Practice Software CD (US$15.99)
  2. eSellerate eCD - U.S. Citizenship Test Practice Software CD (US$7.50)

AOL Users: AOL email address may have problems receiving the order confirmation. If you have an alternative email account(such as yahoo, hotmail), please use it during your order.

Have questions about our products? Email us at Info@800citizen.com.

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