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United States of America Citizenship Test

Free Online Practice System for Citizenship Interview

The U.S. Citizenship Test is an important step in your U.S. citizenship application. During the citizenship interview, a US citizenship and immigration officer will ask the applicant ten(10) questions. The applicant must answer six(6) out of the ten(10) questions correctly in order to pass the civics portion of the naturalization test. If you fail the citizenship interview test, your citizenship application will be rejected.

Since there are 100 potential questions, applicants must have enough practice before going for a citizenship interview, we build this most innovative online practice system to help applicants to get familiar with the interview questions. Many users pass the citizenship test by using this practicing system. Our practice system asks you questions about your state, which makes it unique in all the available systems. As a matter of fact, our system is recommended most by citizenship and immigration professionals.

Questions related to your state will be included,
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Please pick a number of practice questions below and click "Begin Citizenship Test" to start your citizenship online practice test:

Questions in a practice test:  

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