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Affiliate Program

Our Affiliate Program is an easy way to increase the profitability of your web site. You earn money by placing the 800citizen.org's banners or links on your web site. We pay 8%-15% commissions on referred sales. Your participation is free of charge. Furthermore, we support a cookie of 15 days, i.e. you receive commission for a visitor's purchase within 15 days from the visitor's first access to our site. Our affiliate operator, eSellerate.net, provides you with a wide selection of links that can be easily added to your site, eSellerate gives you the tools to start selling and tracking your revenue.


First, You must have an up and running web site, preferrably with relevant content to the products you plan to sell. Second, you must have an email address for contact.


1. Application
Sign up to join the affiliate network at esellerate.net .

2. Approval
After you register an affiliate account with eSellerate.net, login to your affiliate account and check out the Available Product List of v-soul.com ( Note: our publisher name is v-soul.com ).

Choose the products you want to sell on your site and submit your request. We will notify you by email whether you are approved. This is usually done within 24 hours.

3. Link to Our Web Site
If you are approved, put on links or banners on your web site. Please follow our link instructions to setup your links and banners. Note: To achieve better conversion rate, we suggest you use the links provided on our web pages rather than those at eSellerate.net .

4. Track Your Sales
Orders placed by referred visitors from your web site will contain your unique affiliate ID and will be recorded in the affiliate system of eSellerate.net for commission payment. You can login to eSellerate.net to view your sales report.

5. Receive Your Payment
Your payment will be calculated and paid out by eSellerate.net .

Apply for Affiliate Program Now

See our Affiliate Program FAQ if you have questions on our affiliate program.

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